20 Most Promising No Code/Low Code Platform Providers - 2019

Software applications are made up of thousands of lines of codes. Hence, to build these applications, businesses need skilled software developers. Well! Not anymore, because No Code/Low Code (NCLC) is changing the traditional ways of application development, as it enables anyone to build the applications without even knowing how to code a, 'Hello World!' program. All that the NCLC users need to do is choose various functionalities in a drag and drop fashion to tailor a custom application that meets the business needs. Moreover, features like intelligent automation in NCLC makes it easy to develop applications based on the blueprint of the business model. All the capabilities of NCLC make it a lucrative option for both the professional and non-professional developers to build an application in a faster way.

NCLC is proving to be a game changer for businesses because not only it provides the required functionalities without the need to write the codes, but also saves a lot of time and resources. It allows companies to avoid reinventing the wheel if there are changes to be made to the product at or after final stages.

However, NCLC is not without its set of challenges. For starters, no-code development platform, being simplistic, it is incapable of supporting complex use case, whereas low-code development platform is considered too complicated for non-professional developers to use. To this end, we have shortlisted some of the most effective and innovative NCLC platform providers who not only address the prevailing challenges in this space but also unleash the full potential of NCLC for their clients. Our distinguished selection panel comprises of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the CIOReview's editorial board. We present to you CIOReview's “20 Most Promising No Code/Low Code Platform Providers – 2019.”

Top Low Code Platform Companies

The AppViewX platform is a modular, low-code software application that enables the automation of network infrastructure using an intuitive, context-aware, and visual workflow

Developing custom-built, cloud-based business applications through a proprietary Low Code / No Code platform to solve critical business needs and realize the true potential of ROI for their clients

Provides a code-free app development platform for companies to improve their business efficiency and time to market

Specializes in mobile-first no-code data collection and cloud technology for crisis management

A Siemens business focused on no-code/low-code application development for the enterprise, fundamentally reinventing the way applications are built in the digital enterprise


8base is a developer acceleration platform where developers can build and run enterprise-class web and mobile apps powered by GraphQL


The company delivers software that simplifies and secures enterprise infrastructure for Fortune 500s and SMEs around the globe. Based out of Silicon Valley, Accelerite’s product suite includes ShareInsights – a big data analytics platform, Rovius – an enterprise hybrid cloud solution, and Sentient – an endpoint security platform


AgilePoint provides an infrastructure for developing and managing business processes that improve collaboration, reduce IT costs, and improve business responsiveness


Airtable is a cloud based software company that blends a traditional spreadsheet with a database


Simplifies, accelerates and improves interactions with all business constituents — resulting in greater cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction and employee productivity


Helps in protecting all data coded, created and used by the app. Appdome TOTALData Encryption regardless of how that data is generated or stored by the app

Appy Pie

Helps everyone create an app irrespective of their technical knowledge and publish it on various app stores through any one of their affordable subscription plans


Delivers the digital platform capabilities essential to achieving a true digital business operating system and empowers businesses to continually iterate and evolve faster and smarter


Helps in creating complex automations between business systems to save thousands of hours and dollars

Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is a web-based platform that enables its users to develop web applications. The platform features multi-platform support, ready-made templates, sandboxing, support, and documentation


Bezlio is a SaaS solution that provides the ability to mobilize workforce and sales force by accessing secure, on-premises data sources in real-time, on any mobile device, from anywhere


Focuses on building a more open, more extensible, and more intelligent application platform to help innovative companies improve their operational processes and create better user experiences for both customers and employees

Breakthrough Technologies

Breakthrough Technologies is a Chicago-based software development company that works with small and mid-size companies to define and develop their technology strategies and innovative products


Caspio is the leading low-code development platform for online database applications, embraced by business professionals for its ease of use and trusted by IT professionals for its security, compliance and scalability


Offers a first-of-its-kind no code Enterprise Application Platform as a Service for creating and delivering robust PWAs