Top 10 Low Code No Code Platform Solutions Companies - 2022

Low code, no code (LCNC) platforms have now become the quintessential tool for the technological community to achieve more in less time. Already brewing under the confluence of various tech trends for several years now, the pandemic accelerated the need for LCNC platforms as many companies scrambled to provide apps, web forms, and automated workflows when help was no longer available at a desk a few steps away.

Owing to this transformative period, the global LCNC development platform market size is forecasted to reach $187 billion in revenue, accounting for more than 65 percent of app development activity by 2024. The key factors behind this phenomenal growth are improved agility, decreased costs, effective risk management and governance, and engaging customer experiences.

On that note, this edition of CIOReview highlights the latest developments in the LCNC platform industry that are alleviating operational workflows and business efficiency by leaps and bounds. It contains insights from Michael Shanno, Head of Digital Transformation, Global Quality, Sanofi, who recommends leveraging LCNC application development platforms to automate unstructured data from disparate business processes to foster digital transformation initiatives. In addition, Anil Sharma, CEO of 22nd Century Technologies, also shares his thoughts on how LCNC solutions can play a crucial role in modernizing data analysis, cloud migration integration, and custom configuration processes for local and federal government agencies.

Along with these critical insights from industry experts, the edition sheds light on the most promising low code no code platform provider, Netlink—a company dedicated to building quality enterprise solutions by leveraging their expertise in low code development platforms. We hope this edition will help you find the right LCNC platform solution provider that will empower you to adopt a transformative approach to app development and help your company compete and grow in an increasingly digital world.

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    Top Low Code No Code Platform Solutions Companies

  • 1

    Netlink Digital Solutions is driven by the mission to transform low code delivery. The company established its low-code practice twelve years back as a delivery partner on the OutSystems platform. Over the years, the company has greatly expanded its OutSystems partnership by adding sales, MSP, and certified global training badges to the relationship.

  • 2

    TSCTI’s end-to-end low-code development services include business analysis, business process reengineering, solution implementation, custom configuration, deployment and managed services.

  • 3

    Appollo offers a holistic low-code platform easy-to-use by all team and stakeholders, including business and requirements engineering, agile project management and governance features enabling companies to seamlessly orchestrate digital transformation

  • 4

    The CSI low code development platform, InfoShare Engine®, empowers government ERP application development for police, fire, and EMS agencies, county prosecutor offices, courts, fusion centers, and more. Everything is unified under a single system and comes equipped with specialized functionality to meet the demands of today’s public sector agencies.

  • 5

    The firm leverages its deep expertise in developing software applications using LCNC platforms to help clients strategize and identify the right solutions that best fits clients' unique requirements.

  • 6

    Skuid combines human-centered design and Low-code to help businesses create customized, delightful applications that are more connected to their brand.

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    Appian Low-Code Platform combines the key capabilities needed to get work done faster, Process Mining + Workflow + Automation, in a unified low-code platform

  • 8



    Certa’s no-code platform makes it easy to digitize and manage the lifecycle of all your suppliers, partners, and customers. With automated onboarding, contract lifecycle management, and ESG management, Certa eliminates the procurement bottleneck and allows companies to onboard third-parties 3x faster

  • 9



    Thinkwise is a supplier of its own low-code software development platform, which enables the quick and easy development of business software that never becomes outdated. This flexibly modifiable software is always immediately available for Windows, the web and mobile applications and is guaranteed to run on future technologies

  • 10



    Xano provides a scalable backend, database, ready-to-use API, and a No Code business logic builder to transform data to and from any source