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Craig Sproule, CEO
Companies today look to modernize their applications and adopt cloud technologies to remain ahead of the curve. However, developing code-intensive applications is not only time consuming but an expensive process. Most companies lack the resources to develop efficient applications in time to capture market opportunities. Crowd Machine is a company that perfectly addresses the needs of modern businesses through its code-free software development platform that is entirely hosted on cloud. “No developers required, a smart employee with basic technology understanding can easily build, test, execute, and manage business applications on our platform,” says Craig Sproule, a software development industry veteran and CEO of Crowd Machine. Used by companies in 73 countries, Crowd Machine’s no-code development platform brings remarkable improvements in time to market.

The company’s platform not only supports modular app development, but also brings fresh thinking to the entire software lifecycle process. Instead of relying on code-based development strategy to implement a new functionality, Crowd Machine invented a set of patterns that save companies from spending resources on understanding computer language and tackling the traditional intricacies of app development. This flexibility enables a user to go from requirement gathering to development through user acceptance testing very rapidly and in a transparent iterative manner. They can reduce time and effort in upgrading their apps, as the processing patterns leverage third party resources and data to add new functionality. Different modules of an app can be used across many business functions repeatedly, saving time and cost.

Crowd Machine allows clients to involve their customers early in the app development process to avoid surprises at a later stage. “The Crowd Machine platform allows clients to take feedback from customers on app performance, feature requirements, layout and overall usability. This ultimately ensures a seamless deployment into production,” says James Hanley, COO, Crowd Machine.

A business user can begin using the platform by undergoing a simple training through the Crowd Academy learning module, which is web-enabled and free.
James Hanley, COO
The module allows a user to learn the basic skills of code-free app development. Once finished, the user can utilize the core app development module, Crowd App Studio, to design the logic and build an application. Users can not only develop apps, but by utilizing the Crowd Machine GO module, they can also compile data in a convenient and suitable format, and interact with the data and underlying applications (e.g. Oracle, SAP, Salesforce ). Crowd Machine GO can also enable the development of new interactive data viewing experiences by launching automated actions (activity patterns developed by IT or users) and setting up dashboards and reports. The platform is automatically scalable as it doesn’t require provisioning of web servers and databases at any point in the production environment. What’s more, it allows users to monetize their newly developed apps by sharing them with the Crowd Machine user community through Crowd Share. Interestingly, Crowd Share allows apps to be used as components of other apps as well. Apps can be built either in the cloud environment or within the client infrastructure, using internal IT resources. The company aims to enhance Crowd Share’s features to help multiple industries with new capabilities.

In one instance, a company was striving to develop an application to enhance the productivity of its sales group. While they lacked internal IT resources for app development, their budget constraints precluded working with a third-party professional services provider. The company, in partnership with Crowd Machine, achieved their goals by quickly developing and deploying the new apps they needed to excel. Another large financial services company worked with Crowd Machine to develop a customizable asset-based lending app, replacing repetitive manual tasks and spreadsheets with automation and client delight.

Crowd Machine is driving forward to continue to lead the no-code app development revolution and help clients to bring business apps to life.

Crowd Machine News

Crowd Machine Officially Launches Crowd Academy - the Online Learning Program that Democratizes App-Building

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif - Crowd Machine, the enterprise-grade zero-code app building and hosting platform, today launched an online training course that makes app-building accessible to all, regardless of application development experience. Crowd Academy is a free, seven-level accreditation online learning program that teaches individuals how to create market-ready apps quickly and without writing any code.

Crowd Academy, originally released in beta at the end of 2018, has over 800 Cadets (participants) from 71 countries, to date. The community is expanding its global reach and growing at a steady pace, with more than 100 Cadets joining in February 2019 alone. Anyone can join Crowd Academy, from seasoned developers seeking a faster, easier approach, to entrepreneurs looking to shotgun their start-up, to business end-users looking to build an app for their business line, to individuals wanting to advance their own skill set. With no technical experience required, Crowd Academy empowers anyone to see their innovative software ideas actualized.

"Our Crowd Academy Cadets are incredibly diverse - some have absolutely zero technical experience while others are already proficient in programming and just want to learn more," said Craig Sproule, founder and CEO of Crowd Machine. "We help them make apps they dream of and they take it from there."

Crowd Academy's first round of graduates, dubbed the Digital Disruptors, use their newfound no-code developer skills for real-world applications. Here are a few examples:

• Building a next-generation recruitment platform for freelancers: Kathrin and Dennis Hauck, based in Germany, are automating and building transparency into the recruitment and contracting process with Project Crowd. Graduating from Crowd Academy in only a few months, Kathrin Hauck is building her app with the Crowd App Studio, Crowd Machine's online platform to create apps. Currently, several of Project Crowd's employees are themselves learning no-code skills as Crowd Academy Cadets.

• Streamlining customer and equipment surveys at KONE, Inc: Derek Wierema, a data administrator at KONE, runs an assessment tool built on the Crowd App Studio. He's been so impressed with the tool, he now aspires to build more apps for KONE as well as an app for his daughter's gymnastics group.

• Mastering Crowd Academy tutorials in 51 hours: With no formal programming qualifications, Tom Hall smashed through Crowd Academy in record time to become the first ever certified Crowd Machine Developer. He's now powering up an innovative blockchain-based company on Crowd Machine.

• From code to no-code and loving it! Oliver Normann, based in Lithuania, built and sold his second app before he left high school. A seasoned software engineer, Oliver thinks Crowd Machine is a great eco-system, for both non-developers and experienced engineers, to get ideas to market faster. He's committed to helping others master the Crowd Academy curriculum as an active Alumni.

• Bringing Crowd Machine to Bahrain: Anna-Marie Lawrence, senior manager of business development at Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance, aspires to see Bahrain take the lead in FinTech in the Middle East. She plans to integrate Crowd Machine into leadership management strategy training.

"Crowd Academy is a great user experience and a very good opportunity to open a new world to people interested in building their software ideas and visions – from small to very complex applications," said Kathrin Hauck, Crowd Academy Graduate.

For those interested in trying out the program, now is an excellent time to get started in Crowd Academy. Crowd Machine will be offering free introductory webinars on March 20th to orient Cadets and power their progress through Base One. Visit to get started.

No-code Needed Contest

To celebrate Crowd Academy's launch, Crowd Machine will host its first ever no-code app building contest for Cadets. Crowd Machine's "No-Code App Creator Contest" gives the Crowd Academy Community the unique opportunity to choose the winner of the "Best App" built on the Crowd App Studio. The winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000. Contestants must be graduates of Crowd Academy in order to participate.

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Craig Sproule, CEO and James Hanley, COO

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